Apache2 virtualhost with 2 domains, only one domain has a valid certificate


I got this problem with one of my certificates. I got 2 domains abdating.be and erikhendriks.be on my apache2 server configured as virtualhosts, but only abdating.be got a green https in front of the url, erikhendriks.be does not…

First i installed the certificates via letsencrypt --apache, and all looks fine no error messages or error logs, neither in the letsencrypt nor the apache logs. But i doesn’t work for erikhendriks.be

Oke, so I installed them separately, same issue

Your certificate is fine. The problem is that you include an insecure resource (an image) over http. You can use https://www.whynopadlock.com/ to check for this.

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That was the problem indeed, and its fixed! thanks alot.

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