Since renewal. all virtual hosts secure except main domain

So I have three difference sub domains hosted on one server.

I originally did the certbot -d -d, etc

It seems Let's Encrypt put all three domains into one certificate of from looking at my virtual hosts configuration.

So I visit the two other domains, and the sites show secure, but visiting shows insecure all of a sudden.

The technical details show are:

  • This website presented identification that belongs to a different website.
  • This website’s identification was not issued by a trusted organization.

Any ideas on this one?



It might be worth checking in your Apache configuration whether the default self-signed certificate (that Apache comes with) is overriding the Let's Encrypt one for that domain.

sudo apachectl -t -D DUMP_VHOSTS

That was it.

I went into the ssl.conf file which in fact the dump was showing it was using for the afflicted host instead of the hosts file I made. I commented everything out except for Listen 443, and all is well now.

Thanks a lot for the help!


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