Apache on Windows and Certbot certificates that get corrupted when rebootcomputer

¿Why does certbot corrupt letsencrypt certificates. PEM when I restart the computer?

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Hi @yanopongomas, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

Please explain:


It doesn't but your computer may be doing something weird.

Are you using WSL or do you have Controlled Folder Access enabled ("Ransomware Protection")?


Thank for help. The computer has restarted with multiple configurations and avoiding all kinds of protection. the file gets corrupted in C:/. And I have suspicions that it is Certbot who corrupts it, it is only that suspicion. The certificates in C:/ No matter where you save them (C:/) they get corrupted in and out of Certbot folders. Thank you

cerbot shouldn't do anything on a system reboot.
The "corruption" must come from something else.


This sounds very similar to this thread: The certificate has 0 byte

I think the issue is permission related, likely your normal account (when not running under elevated access) doesn't have read permission on the target files (which are stored in the certbot /archive/ folder).


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