Nginx and Windows problem

every time i reboot the certificate is no longer available:
failed (SSL: error:02001005:system library.....blablabla.)
can help me?
Thanks. (Sorry my english)

Welcome to the community @aghsoft

What program did you use to request the certificate?

What version of Windows?


Are the certificates being stored in a persistent location?


No need to apologize, but thank you for alerting us that English isn't your native language.

Is there possibly an Access Control List (ACL) issue?
A permissions issue such as needing to be Administrator?

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At first it shouldn't. I install it from an administrative account using the specific commands for it and everything works great.
Once I shut down the server or restart it, it throws the exposed error.

certbot. I use the specific command:
certbot certonly --standalone
Installing it is perfect.
Reboot and nothing.

Windows 10.

Correct. Create a folder on the root drive called c\certbot\live\herethedomains.
Once installed it works perfectly.
When restarting the machine it throws the error described.

What application throws that error message?

What shows?:
certbot certificates


See here.

The solution is relatively simple:

Each user who is to access the certificates is given read rights in the two folders live and archive with the value 'This folder, subfolders and files' for 'Apply To'.

It means that the user under whose account the web server is running must be granted read permissions in the directories mentioned above.


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