Apache/mod_md questions

Some simple, I hope, questions, if anyone happens to know:

  1. When I contact the Let's Encrypt staging server (acme-staging-v02) when initially trying to install a certificate, the MDMessageCmd callback returns renewal. If I then reload Apache I don't get a second callback. Is this expected behaviour (I don't get an installed)? What happens when I carry out an installation with the real server? I want the MDMessageCmd script to do an Apache reload, so I need some way to distinguish between installation and renewal
  2. If I get the Apache config wrong then mod_md returns errored, and retries at a later time. Is there some way to restart this process when I fix the config? If I just restart Apache, then I still have to wait some time until mod_md realises that the configuration has changed
  3. How do I get the mod_md version number? I can't find it in the Apache log files, even when I set LogeLevel info md:trace5 (Ubuntu 20.04, Apache 2.4.41)



Good questions which I do not know the answer to. Perhaps another volunteer will.

You might try at the mod_md github. The author hangs out there.


I thought he hung out here... :slightly_smiling_face:

I've got to say, though, after a few hours work, that mod_md looks a very usable (better?) alternative to Certbot, without the hassle of needing snaps to install it.

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Maybe here too. But, they'll get alerted to new issues on the github and here you'd need to hope they notice it :slight_smile:

I agree mod_md looks very nice.