Apache chain issues with dual RSA/ECDSA certificates

Hi there,

Thanks for getting me on the list. I got my first certs :muscle:.

Now I have the following problem:

so far I have used RSA and ECC certificates in parallel on my Apache installation
Just added both certs in the VHost. That works fine with the same chain.
(BTW that works also on nginx or tomcat).

Now with two different chains, that messes this setup completely. Only one works at a time. The other's is incomplete.

What would be the recommended solution for this case?

Any help appreciated.


This should probably be carved off into its own thread. However, meanwhile it sounds from your description as if you've used the SSLCertificateChainFile feature. That feature is long obsolete, unless you have a truly ancient Apache setup you should use just SSLCertificateFile but with files containing the entire fullchain (not just your leaf certificate)


Uiiiii. Thanks that would be obvious... I'll check.

Thanks @tialaramex that did it.


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