Will LetsEncrypt work well on apache with existing certificate?

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CentOS 7
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Alibaba Cloud
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Straight to the point: I have an working https website. I’d like to get a free ECC certificate, and that’s why I’m installing Let’s Encrypt.(Only RSA certificate is provided free of charge by Aliyun but I prefer ECC)
I wonder what will Certbot do to my well configured server? (i.e. Will it fail to configure apache? Or will any strange error occurs during my installation? )

Thanks for your help!

I’d run certbot with “certonly” so that it doesn’t attempt to reconfigure your apache. This will provide the cert ( and you can use “cerbot renew” to automatically renew it), but it won’t try and make any changes to your apache.

I haven’t tested, but I don’t believe it’s intelligent enough to know that you possibly want to install a duel cert, so that those who can use the EC cert, and those that can’t will fall back to the RSA cert- or however you want to do it.

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