Another domain appears at check

Hello i have a domain for which i bought a ssl cerficate (, i have another for which i created a certificate via certbot :, when i test via ssllabs, in the section 2 of the test report, it says : No SNI, and then list the first domain ( MISMATCH, there is a mismatch, how to avoid this? thank you

Hi @refschool,

The trouble is that your certificate only covers, not

You can see this in the X509v3 Subject Alternative Name section.

If you used Certbot interactively, you have to select each domain name from the menu that you want to be included in the certificate. If you used Certbot with command-line options, you need to specify -d for each domain name that you want to be included in the certificate, like -d -d

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SSL Labs confirms no issues with

But if you go to you can see the problem.

understood ! thanks for the quick reply !

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