An unexpected error occurred

Hi! I try to make certificate for subdomain on Certbot says that “An unexpected error occurred:
There were too many requests of a given type :: Error creating new cert :: too many certificates already issued for:” What to do?

Thank you!

Let’s Encrypt limits the rate at which certificates can be created per domain. (Un)fortunately, is popular, and a lot of users are creating certificates.

Your options are:

  1. Calculate when it will be next be possible to create certificates for the domain (when only 19 have been created in the previous week) and try to create one before anyone else does. (That rate limit won’t stop you from renewing in the future.) lectl can help do the math.

  2. Use a different dynamic DNS provider.

  3. Buy your own domain name, CNAME e.g. to, and get a certificate for

  4. Convince D-Link to apply to the Public Suffix List, which will offer security improvements (for example, stopping users from attacking each other’s sites with cookies) and automatically increase the Let’s Encrypt rate limits (applying them per subdomain instead of per domain). This will take time.

  5. Convince D-Link to apply for a Let’s Encrypt rate limit exemption. This will also take time.


This indicates that the domain has already reached the rate limit of 20 certificates/week. It appears this is really a public suffix, and should be added to the public suffix list, but that’s something I believe the owner of the domain would need to do.

Your best shot is to keep trying a few times a day, in an attempt to get an issuance in before the rate limit is triggered.

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