An issue while trying to renew the certificate

Dear all
I used to renew the SSL certificate every 3 months by using this terminal command and follow the steps

sudo certbot --server -d -d * --manual --preferred-challenges dns-01 certonly

Then I use this command to restart my webserver

service nginx restart

But this time I failed, and I got this error message
I attached a screenshot

I'm using

  • cPanel v86 on centos 6
  • dnsmadeeasy
  • Nginx

A few things:

  • Renewing a certificate is usually done by using the command certbot renew;
  • Please upgrade your CentOS, CentOS 6 is not receiving any maintainance updates for more than 2 years already;
  • Certbot has a DNS plugin for dnsmadeeasy (User Guide — Certbot 2.6.0 documentation), it would be better to use that plugin instead of using the manual plugin, which cannot be automated;
  • certbot-auto is deprecated and removed for some years now. Please don't use it any longer, but upgrade to a better method of installing Certbot;
  • your DNS resolving capabilities are malfunctioning, resulting in the error shown.

Also, the domain is a IANA reserved domain. I'm pretty sure your email address doesn't work; is it a fake one? If so, you should have used the --register-unsafely-without-email option if you didn't want to specify an email address.


I can't do any updates on my server at these days
Is there a solution I can use to solve this issue
Thanks for reply

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Have you read the previous post?
Did you understand all that was written?


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