After deleting certificate - ip broken


I am using certbot / letsencrypt on aws linux 2 (lamp server),
and I am running a php script.

So, I installed my letsencrypt certificate, and it worked well.

Then I decided to delete it, because later on I would like to use another domain for this project.

However, after deleting my le certificate, I have problems with the ip adress of my website:

When I hoover the mouse over the logo,
(and which used to redirect to the domain name),
it now shows the ip adress - double.

Yes, it shows like this:
(example: 123.456.78/123.456.78)

I don't know how this happened.

Trying to go to ip-adress/admin Or ip-adress/phpmyadmin,
results in the same (it goes to ip-adress/ip-adress).

When I re-install the le certificate (for this specific domain), it all works again.

Has anyone ever seen something similar?

Thanks for any help,


That sounds great. Your other question is not related to LE so you might have more luck on stackoverflow or other forum dealing with general server setups.


Check your apache configuration file, you will have a RewriteRule that's trying to rewrite to https, which the IP address version of your site doesn't have (but your old one with a specific domain did have). They look like the one at the top of this example file:


Thanks, will try this.


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