How to update the letsencrypt certificate after the IP is changed?

I have an instance where I have configured nginx. I am using Letsencrypt certificate. I configured everything when my server's IP was The domain name I got was abc.dfg.hij Now I restarted my EC2 instance so the public IP got changed. Now when I search on the old domain name it still points to old IP and it obviously fails. I need to update this within my server. I tried to renew the certificate by running

sudo certbot --nginx -d abc.dfg.hij

But it is also trying to connect to the old IP ( And that is failing by giving the following error

The server could not connect to the client to verify the domain ::

How do I update the IP address of the domain that I got.? Does anyone have any idea on this?

You should update the DNS settings of your domain name. That's something that's required for a working website even besides Let's Encrypt.


What else is it doing?
Does your domain name resolve to multiple IPs [some right and some wrong] ?


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