ACMEv1 to ACMEv2 upgrade process for win-acme

We already installed ACMEv1.9.11.2 in our windows server, using win-acme. downloaded from here:

We need to upgrade to the latest version, how can we do this properly?

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Yes, you do need to upgrade your ACME client software. They have some upgrade instructions here: win-acme


We followed as per the renewal steps. but we got the message "No Scheduled renewal found"

How can we create a scheduled renewal?

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To create a scheduled renewal, you should request a certificate first.
The error message just means there's no active certificate on record for this program so they don't have any renewals.


Did you try there is apparently an option for importing old renewals. Alternatively setup a new cert, it just depends if you have lots to setup or not.


Now we created the certificate successfully for Port 443.

In other case we have run the TSPlus server on Port 444 . this is not working on SSL certificate. so how can we include the certificate for this port also?

Google says TSPlus has that feature built in: Free and Easy-to-install SSL Certificate | TSplus

But I'd imagine you could also just select the same certificate you already have, see the TSPlus manual.


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