Upgrading to Acme v2

Hi to all,
we are moving from Acme v1 to Acme v2.
Using the new version, did someone experience any problem in renewing certificates issued with v1?
Or is it preferable to reissue all our old certficates with the newer protocol version?

Thank you

Most of the widely used ACME clients already got upgraded for the use of ACMEv2. I believe, that the protocol upgrade simply translates to client upgrade without any change as it is used in the past. However, certain clients may not yet, or will never support the newer protocol version. If you have one of those, you may want to check this here

There is no known protocol specific issue concerning the issuance of the certificate.

Hi and thank you for answering.
We’re using certbot, so I guess we should be safe


Hi @john_techie

that’s not required.

Check the normal renew if that works.

And check your Certbot-protocol if there is acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org used.

If you find an acme-v01, then use the --server option, perhaps in combination with the --cert-name to overwrite your existing certificate.

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