supports ACME v2 wildcard now


Thanks a lot, one row naw, but I see new problem
Response error:<?xml version="1.0"?>
SenderInvalidChangeBatchTried to create resource record set [name=’’, type=‘TXT’] but it already exists7ca4cbf6-10b5-11e8-872a-cf0ab9c87778

and acme exit (

I think it’s not fix my problem, because lets encrypt send 2 different entries, and acme sent 1st on aws, and 2st them, rewrite 1st
For example, comodo sends 2 entries, but the same


sorry, got it. I will fix it again


Thanks a lot, I’ll wait here…:grinning:


@wisdem fixed.

please upgrade and try again.

export  BRANCH=dev --upgrade


don’t work after upgrade((

_resource_record=’ all data my from my domain zone’

Adding records
 data='<ChangeResourceRecordSetsRequest xmlns=""><ChangeBatch><Changes><Change><Action>UPSERT</Action><ResourceRecordSet><Name></Name><Type>TXT</Type><TTL>300</TTL><ResourceRecords><ResourceRecord><Value>&quot;oZeteJNyKoxq-6xnO1Zmi78bFWdSzt-Cc_bEPwiP5Ls&quot;</Value></ResourceRecord></ResourceRecordSet> and all row my zone

and them

Response error:<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ErrorResponse xmlns=""><Error><Type>Sender</Type><Code>MalformedInput</Code><Message>Could not parse XML</Message></Error><RequestId>475f5484-10cd-11e8-8843-1956ce9b3480</RequestId></ErrorResponse>

Error add txt for


Interesting. It works for me.
Please report bug on github. And paste full log with “—debug 2”

I will fix soon.


I did write on issues/1262


Hi @Neilpang, by any chance to you have any pointer regarding that issue?
Many thanks!


what issue ? The issue 1262 was already fixed.


The issue regarding “Le_OrderFinalize not found” mentioned in the follow posts:

I will try with the latest version and let you know.


“Orders” field of account object is not implemented yet (Boulder issue #333515), reported by @wulf4096 and @quabla