ACME v2 is merged in to master branch of

We just merged acme v2 support to master branch. Any users can test with wildcard certs now.

For now, it selects acme v1 or v2 automatically. Only when the domain is a wildcard domain, it will use acme v2 server. Otherwise it uses the v1 server by default.

We may change the default server to v2 when the v2 production server is released and stable enough then.

For now, the following uses v1 server: --issue -d  -d  --dns dns_cf

And the following uses v2 server:  --issue  --test  --d  -d *  --dns  dns_cf

Yes, you can also force to use v2 server with --server parameter like bellow:  --issue  --server \
    --d  -d  --dns  dns_cf



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