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Hi, We are a non profit operating in Israel. We help single people with emotional sensitivities and other challenges to find their life partners, through facilitation by volunteers. I am a relatively new CEO and I want to make sure our website is ssl secured. our website is: www.chiburim.co.il


Hi @chiburim3, you have a certificate there but your HTTPS site (https://www.chiburim.co.il/) redirects visitors to HTTP (http://www.chiburim.co.il/). It ought to be configured the other way around: the HTTP site should redirect to HTTPS. So you’ll want to change your server configuration. This is not a problem with the certificate, but rather with some other part of the web server configuration.

Once you’ve fixed this issue, a good tool for testing your own configuration is https://www.ssllabs.com/, which will check a number of technical details related to the configuration of your site for secure connections.

If you happen to get a browser error saying that portions of the site’s content are accessed insecurely, another good diagnostic tool is https://www.whynopadlock.com/ (I don’t know whether or not you’ll run into any problems of this kind; I’m just mentioning this tool as something useful for resolving them if you do).


Thank you so much!


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