500 server internal retrieving account


Hi again, many thanks for removing the rate limit. 3 out of 4 environments report no error, however the remaining one, by doing

kubectl describe clusterissuer letsencrypt-prod

I get the following:

Type Reason Age From Message

Warning ErrVerifyACMEAccount 31m (x3 over 11h) cert-manager-controller Failed to verify ACME account: 500 urn:acme:error:serverInternal: couldn’t retrieve the registration
Warning ErrInitIssuer 31m (x3 over 11h) cert-manager-controller Error initializing issuer: 500 urn:acme:error:serverInternal: couldn’t retrieve the registration

given that this is a 500 error, is it something we can do on our side to fix it? ?Or is it purely on your side?

Feel free to request any additional information that might help you (and us)

Can you remove Rate Limit for my IPs

This sounds likely to be something on our side. I will investigate.


Can you share the ACME account ID that was receiving this error? If you aren’t sure, sharing the contact email address associated with the ACME account would also help.

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