2 Synology on same network and 2 certificates

Hi everyone,

I have 2 synology servers on my network, port 80 and 443 nat to 1 server.
I wanted to create a LE certificate on the second one, but, unfortunatly it can't work as i can't nat 80 and 443 to both servers...

I created a dynhost and nat another port to access the second server. But LE need port 80 to validate the certificate, so i don't know how to do it ...

I've made some research on the web, but didn't found a way to create and auto renew the cert like it's configured and working on the first server.

Could you please help me ?

Synology DS418 and DS918+ on DSM 7.1.

Thanks a lot for your help :wink:


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Can you run a reverse proxy on one of the Synologys? I'd opt for e.g. nginx on one of them that'll terminate the HTTP and HTTPS endpoints (and thus can have a single certificate for both) and have nginx configured to reverse proxy requests based on e.g. subdomain or path to the correct Synology.

Note that I'm not familiar with Synology so I have no clue if a nginx reverse proxy is even possible and if that is possible, how you'd be able to get a cert for it. As I'm pretty sure the build in Synology certificate stuff wouldn't work any longer if an nginx reverse proxy comes into play.


Hi !
Thanks for your answer ! I'll try to search on that path :slight_smile:
Hope I'll get other tips to help me :slight_smile: (and maybe others :wink: )


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