1 cert for 1 domain + 2 synology NAS - need advice how to accomplish this

What is there:

  • 1 domain
  • 1 cert
  • 2 Synology NAS boxes

What works already:
I been successfully using lets encrpt certs for a while now with my primary synology NAS.
So it has a dyndns domain and a working LE cert managed by the build in LE client. So everything is dandy and working.

Now I have a second synology NAS which is working behind the very same domain, just on a different port. And I wonder if there is any way to use the same LE cert for the other NAS. It uses the same domain afterall.

Using the cert client for LE on the new (2nd) NAS sounds bad because the 1st NAS would repsond on port 80.
Has anyone successfully implemented such a scenario or an idea how this could possibly be accomplished?

Hi @Shakesbeard

you can use the same certificate with a lot of domain names.

Copy the certificate or use the Certbot symlinks directly if this is possible.

You don’t need a lot of certificates with the same domain name.

Thanks for the tip but that wasn’t really the question.
I wondered if there is any easy way to use the very same LE CERT on two synologies which are behind one IP/Domain. They are just on different ports for the outer world. But the synology LE client requires port 80 to have a responding web service. Of course that can only be answered by one of the NAS.
But symlink might be an idea if I can figure out where the cert store is on these things.

That’s my answer. Yes, you can use the same certificate (same files) with different vHosts.

There are a lot of users with a certificate port 443 and - sample - the same certificate port 8443 (Plesk), port 2083 / 2087 (cPanel / WHM), port 8083 (VestaCP) or 8080 (Ookla speedtest or Tomcat).

One synology LE client needs that. Then you have a certificate, then use it with the second client.

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