Yum and 0.21 on centos-apache

hello -

i see that 0.21 is available for centos-apache, but its not yet available on yum.

i did run sudo ./certbot-auto --certonly; and this appears to have worked successfully. however, the documentation seemed to indicate i am better off going the “yum” route and using 0.21 so i can run certbot renew; command in crontab.

is there any timeframe when 0.21 will be available through yum?

You can use a certbot-auto command in crontab too! Is that the only reason that you prefer to get Certbot from yum in this case?

hello schoen - thank you very much for your assistance…

right now i am just trying to get very familiar with lets-encrypt. so far all i have done is to go to google-console and create a temporary ‘testing’ vps, and then point a testing domain name there.

i thought certbot would have been a better option for a newbie.

it sounds as if there is no real difference between using certbot vs certbot-auto (except that certbot might be easier to install). is this true?

also, should i be using the cli option –test-cert instead? (probably a good idea)

Installing certbot via yum might set up the cron job automatically for you, so that you wouldn’t even need to create it yourself (at least the apt package does this, I’m guessing yum does too). certbot-auto won’t create a cron job automatically but it should work fine if you create one yourself.

The other major difference is of course that certbot-auto updates itself by default so you’re always using the latest version.

(Normally certbot would be the better option for a newbie, but right now using the latest version is more important due to the TLS-SNI-01 issue)

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