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I try to install Let’s encrypt in Windows server 2008 r2.
One of the domains ( is successful, but, how do two or more domains (, www.blah.ccc) is?

And what is undo apply(uninstall)?

Please help!

I think you might need to start with describing the environment a little better - for example, which client is used to obtain certificates and what type of web server (not the server as in Windows Server, but an actual web server - Apache, IIS, etc) you are trying to install them on.


I will use the iis. and 64bit OS.(also 32bit)
It also provides certain information?

I can not understand English is not familiar.

Not having enough information about the problem might render any advice invalid. I can see that you had some success:

One of the domains ( is successful, but, how do two or more domains

Official client, as well as many others I believe, would allow you to add multiple domains onto the same certificate if it's what you are asking. However, the official client doesn't work on Windows and you didn't say which client you have used to get the certificates.

Simply put - describe how you've got the certificate for ( and people might throw some ideas regarding what to do next.

First of all, thank you for getting the answers.

Do not understand does not support the Windows client from the official.
I have obtained a certificate from a Windows server 2008 R2 (64bit). Web server uses iis.
Also it obtained a certificate Windows 2008 R2.

It seems to lack the information about the windows.
How can multi-domain coverage, apply and reapply after one of the domain the domain of another one?
Also, when changing to a different SSL, which is installed Letsencrypt is not my problem?

Please tell if other information is needed.
I want to use perfectly on Windows.

Wait for your answer. Thanks :slight_smile:

I would recommend letsencrypt-win-simple as a great client for the Windows Server/IIS combination. Certificates are automatically obtained based on the web sites configured in your IIS instance. The documentation contains a lot of examples for many different use-cases.

Hope this helps!

First of all, thank you for getting the answers.

For example, if the domain is 5 had only one or a select all. I want two, three, four.
I’m using what you said, that the program should apply SSL partial domain.

Also it does not provide a delete function.

Wait for your answer. Thanks :slight_smile:

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