Windows server 2003 R2 - auto renewal?



I have mannaged to install Lets Encrypt certificate (manulay) on Windows server 2003.
My question is about “automation” (i.e “auto renewal”): I’veseen some tools that do automation.
“Certify SSL Manager” for example require Microsoft .Net 4.6.2 (which I can install on Windows server 2003).

Does anyone know any tool for “auto-renewal” that does not req. .NET - and can be installed/configure on Windows server 2003 R2 ? (it does not need to be a gui tool, as I do not mind to do some scripting)


I’m sure you’ve heard this already elsewhere, but please for the health of the Internet at large, upgrade your OS. Windows Server 2003 is now more than 3 years beyond the EOL date for extended support. It’s been over a decade since it was released. By running it exposed to the Internet, you’re basically asking for your server to get breached and added to someone’s bot net.


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