Windows Live Mail revocation warning (continued...)

With reference to the following (which has been closed so I can't add to it)...

We have received yet another complaint today about our emails not working in Windows Live Mail. Is there really nothing that can be done to deal with the underlying problem? Despite lack of support from MS, Windows Live Mail, like Outlook Express before it, isn't going to disappear any time soon, and it's much more recent an app than, say, Windows XP where LE didn't work either when first released.

As far as users are concerned, it is

  • intensely annoying as they get loads of modal pop-ups, one per image, which each have to be dismissed individually
  • it appears to them only our emails are a problem, which isn't true in general but is the perception
  • they have no idea that it is the images that are the problem - as far as they are concerned, our emails are broken, even though the reality is it is their email app that is out-of-date.

I don't know much about CRL, but is there maybe some way to make a bridge back from OCSP data to CRL, enough to make the obsolete Live mail program work even if revocation isn't possible there, or some way we might be able to patch Live Mail. Might an approach to Microsoft be helpful?

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