Windows 2008 (Not R2) iis 7 san only without www

Hello, I am trying to create ssl but it only creates with or without www. How can I include san with alternatively www record. Should I create two ssl one with www and other without www. ?

You should be able to create a single cert with both the domain and www.domain.

What client are you using ? and what command are you using ?

I am using letsencrypt-win-simple-v1.9.1.1 windows 2008 (Not R2), iis 7. I run letsencrypt.exe and it lists all sites in iis with www listing different. I mean two list for same domain one with www seperatly. And I choose site without www.

I don’t use letsencrypt-win-simple myself - but can’t you simply select both ? (i.e. both the domain with, and without the www)

It allows only one selection. One with www and onther without it. I can not use clarify as it need power shell 4 and windows 2008 does not support it.

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