Windows 10 and certificate (help for dummies)


I’m a newbie to certificates. I’ve installed a certificate in Windows 10 using WIN-ACME . However it was a long time ago and I forgot all about it. Now my certificate is expired when I start an email client (outlook 2016). I cannot figure out how to renew it or simple remove it.

I tried using Win-ACME, but I can’t find the certificate using the commands after starting letsencrypt.exe

Anyone that have help for dummies?


Please clarify for me:
Is this a client certificate or are you running an email server? If server, give some details on that system.
Can you show the expired cert?


the certicate,

My original goal was to get a certificate to https on my Synology server and had never seen it as a digital signature for my mails or DSN (what ever that means).


That cert expired last November.
Are you sure that is the one causing you trouble now?
If so, where are you using it?
Do you operate an email server?

Synology does a pretty good job of using LE certs.
Maybe you just need to update the Synology software (first).

Can you post a screenshot of the error/message?


The problem is that the certificate is expired and I cannot figure out how to renew it or delete it.

I have just ignore that the certificate was out of date. But now I got into trouble when trying reinstall my Outlook 2016. It is not possible to add the account with the mail belonging to domain that have the letsencrypt certificate as it is expired. I guess it has something to do with the certificate is pointing to the dsn of my email.


You are not giving enough information to work with.
What is the email server you are connecting to?


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