Wildcard domain validation help please

My domain is:

I need help validating wildcard
I want to know where and what to put the informations exactly/correctly

Here is the DNS Cname validation option:

And here is the cname where I would use to validate:

Please help me where I will put the informations…
for example:
Where should I put _acme-challenge

Please help

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Hi @arcenas090,

I don’t know why you try to use a cname to validate your domain, could you please elaborate how are you trying to validate it?.

Depending how you are trying to validate your domain maybe it could be possible to cname that _acme-challenge for your domain to another host but if you are doing it manually I see no obvious reason to not create a TXT record for your domain with the provided token.


Oh in ssl for free if you want to order wildcard, you need the dns manual verification and there is no other options to validate the domain if you want to order wildcard.

Oh, I was wrong here...
Cname is actually different by txt dns I think...

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@arcenas090 Do you want a certificate for *.source.everhosting.ga or *.everhosting.ga?

According to the instructions you received, you’re trying to get a certificate for *.infinityhoster.ga… Which is a totally different domain name…?

Sorry but the the screenshot is wrong.
I actually used infinityhoster.ga not everhosting.ga
BTW thanks for replying! :slight_smile:

Right, you need to create a TXT record not a CNAME record.

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