Why do I have ca.crt file?


Hello, this is a general question, that’s why I didn’t fill general informations :
I don’t understand why I have ca.crt file on concerned server because, on my opinion, CA is external (Let’s Encrypt) and there is no reason for us to have its crt (excepted if autosigned) non ? What do you think about, I’m quite confusing about that.
Thank a lot.


Or is it because it’s public CA key and that anyone can have it to check custom crt validity ?


You probably could have entered some of the general information questions, because I have no clue what you’re talking about…

The official Let’s Encrypt client, certbot, maintained by the EFF, doesn’t provide a ca.crt file… So… How did you end up with that file? How is it related with Let’s Encrypt? Where is it on your server?


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