Which client support tls-alpn challenge?


i want to use the client in asuswrt merlin, just because port 80 has been blocked by ISP.

i can use acme.sh, but it seemed that this client doesn’t support tls-alpn.
any suggestions?

thanks a lot for help!

What's the status on TLS-SNI-01 challenge

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TLS-SNI it’s not likely to be something that individual users will be using, at least not for a while.

These seams to support TLS-ALPN-01 (updated 2018-11-19):


i see, thanks a lot.
then can i renew a certification by some client through port 443?


(2018-11-19: moved client list to first post)

Another solution would be a DNS challenge


Two other ACME clients I know have TLS-ALPN-01 support:


Thanks for replies, I’ll try them.



Net::ACME2 supports it as well.