Where certificates?

Thru win-acme.v2.1.10.896.x64.pluggable I added a certificates for my domain inkomtrade.com using Windows Certificate Store and got a message:

[inkomtrade.com] Authorization result: valid
Requesting certificate [Manual] inkomtrade.com
Store with CertificateStore…
Installing certificate in the certificate store
Adding certificate [Manual] inkomtrade.com @ 2020.9.8 13:22:52 to store My
Installing with None…
Scheduled task looks healthy
Adding renewal for [Manual] inkomtrade.com
Next renewal scheduled at 2020.11.2 13:22:40
Certificate [Manual] inkomtrade.com created

My hosting provider - nic.ru and they are asking me about certificates that I should load to host.

So where I can get this certificates? In folder with win-acme I do not have any files and have not it in site root.


Hi @eda66

read your output:

You have used your certificate store My / Personal to save the certificate.

So check that certificate store.

I have not this folders in PC or hosting…

If it is your PC, you have.

Please check your system and learn the basics about the Windows Certificate management.


I see and trying to find certificate thru search by console (mmc) but anyway have another certs…

thanks! found it in local pc, not in current user.


Yep, that's one of these problems. Wrong place -> no certificate, too much options.

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