Where are the certificates stored?

I have a vps with multiple domains and I would like to know where the certificates issued by lets encript for each of them are stored. Panel plesk obsidian, server apache on Centos 7.
Thank you.

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Hi @ramherfer, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

I don't use Plesk panel, but I can take an educated guess...
It likely uses certbot [under the hood].
If so, you can usually find [links to] those certs in:

If not there...
Then try:
certbot certificates
find / -name fullchain.pem

If none of that helps...
Then try looking through the web servers' TLS vhost config files.

[all of this is presuming you have root access to that system]


On Plesk Obsidian, you'll probably find them under /usr/local/psa/var/certificates/.


rg305, thanks for the reply. With the find command I can see the folders that contain the domain certificates, but they are not accessible.

_az thanks for the answer. The path that it indicates contains certificate files, but they are files with names of the example type. scf0w81yD and that contain begin certificate - end certificate by double entry which I imagine will be the public key and the private key.

In neither case is it valid, since I intend from apache (ssl.conf) to point with the SSLCertificateFile and SSLCertificateKeyFile directives to point to the domain certificate. All this so that users, when accessing a certain url, request their client authentication certificate.
rg305, gracias por la respuesta. Con el comando find logro ver las capetas contenedoras de los certificados de los dominios, pero estas no son accesibles.

_az gracias por la respuesta. La ruta que me indica contiene archivos de certificados, pero son archivos con nombres del tipo ejemplo. scf0w81yD y que contienen begin certificate - end certificate por partida doble lo cual imagino que ser√° la llave p√ļblica y la llave privada.

En ningun caso de los dos es válido, ya que pretendo desde apache (ssl.conf) apuntar con las directivas SSLCertificateFile y SSLCertificateKeyFile apuntar al certificado del dominio. Todo ello para que los usuarios al acceder a una determinada url le solicite su certificado de autenticación de cliente.

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Hi how are things. After much thought, is there a way to install the let's encrypt certificates in centos 7.9 so that from the apache ssl.conf file (2.9) I can enter the directives that point to SSLCertificateFile (crt) and SSLCertificateKeyFile (key).
Could you please give me a cable. If this is impossible, when accessing a certain URL it requests the client certificates. I have tried a thousand ways without success. I don't know if in the end I will have to buy a basic certificate or it would be worth it with Let's Encrypt
Hola que tal. Despues de darle muchisimas vueltas, habría alguna forma de instalar los certificados de let's encrypt en centos 7.9 de forma que desde el archivo ssl.conf de apache (2.9) pueda introducir las directivas que apunten a SSLCertificateFile (crt) y SSLCertificateKeyFile (key).
Por favor me podríais echar un cable. Si esto es imposible que al acceder a una determinada URL solicite los certificados de cliente. Lo he intentado sin éxito de mil maneras. No se si al final tendré que comprar un certificado básico o me valdría con los Let's Encrypt

What do you mean "not accessible"?

I think: yes.
But you may have to copy from the symbolic links in /live/ folder to a new folder where Apache can reach them.
You can figure out the right permissions to have Apache access the original files directly.


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