When are new versions of Boulder deployed to production?

I’m affected by a Boulder issue that’s been fixed in the repository. How long will it take for this fix to make it to the production server at acme-v01?

It varies. You can check the builds between staging and production as a kind of measuring stick, or ask one of the ops in #letsencrypt on IRC. Usually it’s 3-4 days for a build on staging to reach production. For example, the current staging build is being promoted to production in a few hours.


These links are exactly what I needed, thanks for the info!

How often are new builds pushed to staging? For example, today (Jan 23 2016) it looks like last build on staging was from (Jan 19 2016).

Staging is typically updated on Tuesdays, and production usually either Thursdays or Fridays, depending on how much baking the release seems to need.

The network security in place, along with the WebTrust audit requirements, practically necessitate two-person control for any version bump; we have to also keep the associated binary objects around for audit purposes. These, and further fun reasons are why it’s not a continuous integration environment, much as we’d like it to be.

Believe me I understand that… :smile:

Predictable is just as good. In the future, might be nice to see a sortof ‘git log’ status page of whats in master, staging, production to know what’s in the pipeline. Seems like that would be pretty quick/easy to create with a couple of web calls looking at the current build versions on each of the API environments.

You can see git logs for each release in the History section at the bottom of https://letsencrypt.status.io/.

You release to production on Fridays? :eyes: