What's wrong. The staging server can not issue ECC cert now?

I just tested agent the staging server:

Got the following error:

"detail":"Invalid key in certificate request :: ECDSA curve P-384 not allowed"

both ec 256 and ec 384 are both rejected.

I also tested aginst the production server, it’s ok.

So, what’s wrong there ?

Also experiencing this.

I suspect you have uncovered a bug limited to the Boulder release run in the staging environment. I’ve opened https://github.com/letsencrypt/boulder/issues/2018 to track the problem.

Edit: We’ve confirmed this is a bug and have halted the staging -> production upgrade for this week while the bug is addressed. Thanks again for the report @Neilpang, @hlandau. Really appreciate it.

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The staging server seems fixed now.


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