What's up with the upkeep of the Ubuntu PPA for certbot?

I note that certbot is up to version 1.3.0, while the version provided by the Ubuntu certbot/certbot PPA is 0.31.0. That puts the PPA fairly far behind. And I note that the Certbot instructions page (https://certbot.eff.org/instructions) still says to install the Ubuntu certbot/certbot PPA to install certbot. What’s up wiht this?

That 0.31.0 includes some important fixes backported from future versions, but:

To be honest, I doubt our PPA will see any more updates. No one on the Certbot team has packaging experience and we have struggled to find volunteers who have the time to keep the PPA up-to-date. We are currently working on Certbot packaged as a snap though which should work exceptionally well for Ubuntu users.

We should be starting the beta phase for that in the next month or two.

And there’s always certbot-auto which is the latest version on any Linux distro, but from what I’ve gleaned, they plan to shoot it in the head once snaps are working.

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Any idea if the snap will implement the same cron/systemd timer (use systemd timer if on a systemd-based system, or cron if not) method to run certbot renew twice a day, or will we have to implement something else when the snap comes out?

Yes, I think so. I tried installing the Certbot snap just now and it created the relevant snap.certbot.renew.{service,timer} systemd units.