What's an automated renewal?

Hi I would like to know what does automated renewal mean, does it mean that once I’ve installed the Cert, the Cert will completely renew itself after every 90 days or should I retype some command every 90 days and then it will renew itself autocratically ?
I’m really sorry if my question sound a little bit weird.
Thanks in advance.

It depends slightly on how you created your certificate in the first place, and what your system is.

Assuming you used certbot-auto to create, and install the certificate, then you can use the command

certbot renew

If you place this in a cron to run every day, then it will check, and renew if needed. For the certbot renew documentation see - User Guide — Certbot 2.7.0.dev0 documentation

If you used a different client to obtain the certificate, then it will be slightly different of course :wink:

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Okay, well I'll be using the method How to get a Let's Encrypt certificate while using CloudFlare does it too use

Cetbot renew ?

That’s an old post, but certbot is the new name for letsencrypt (in terms of that client), so generally, yes.

That method uses certonly, so you will probably need to use the --post-hook option to reload your apache (to use the new cert). If you are using a control panel, or don’t have root access to your sever, again it will be slightly different.

If you want accurate commands, please provide an accurate description of your total system (otherwise we’re guessing / assuming )

I’m having a VPS running Ubuntu and Nginx and using ClouFlare, can you please give me a confirmation that that post will work for me ?

Assuming you have no control panel installed - then yes.

You will need to include a hook to restart nginx to reload the config and new certificate in your cron

certbot renew --post-hook "service nginx restart"

all the rest should work though.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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