"Certbot renew" not enough?

Hello. We created LE certs some time ago. Great service! We also set a cronjob for “certbot renew”. If I run this command manually in SSH, it shows all domains to be skipped. But a few days ago, one of our servers SSL cert expired! What are we doing wrong? What command should we leave in the cron job so that it will auto-renew the cert for any expiring domains?

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I have moved this to server section as your question is not in line with what the issuance tech section is about.


The most common way this happens is when you are using the --webroot or --manual plugin and haven’t configured them to tell your web server to reload after a renewal. You can usually fix either by adding --renew-hook "service nginx reload" (or equivalent for Apache) or by switching to the --nginx or --apache plugin.

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