What is causing this

domain problem

On my email, i got this message below
AutoSSL has successfully renewed the Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificate for “aplikant.org”. The new certificate lacks the following domain that the previous certificate secured:

And i got this email saying this

MASTER DCV: A rate limit prevents DCV.

You are renewing your certificate far too frequently and are now blocked from renewing more during the next week. Your history shows you are issuing certs multiple times every day. You should change whatever is doing that to renew every 60-80 days. Or, start using the test system until you get your configuration stabile.


See Rate Limits:


I am not the one doing the renewal, i think it is the host , i have showed them the same issue and it is making the website or not available every time users wants to register
So, the question is: what is the solution?

This is it is causing, every few minutes, it is hard to access the website without getting this error

Question: should i remove the SSL completey to resolve this problem or what can i do

Your site cannot be reached using http (port 80). This has nothing to do with certificates. Your network and/or server configuration is not working right. You should work with your hosting provider to resolve that.

Someone is also issuing far too many certificates for your site. This must be corrected. Once you get your network problems resolved you can use one of the certs for support of https (port 443). But you will not be able to issue more certificates for another 6 days or so as shown in the rate limits page I showed.

You can also use the following site to test access to your site. It may give better info than what you are seeing

Click Rerun test after making changes to see if the error changes


Thanks! quite useful,hwoever i was think if it is my php codes on the Mysql that might be causing the server issue

I have talk to the host, seems like they are re-directing the issue back to Let's Encrypt

Honestly, i am tired of this issue, probably i might talk to the website owner to transfer the domain to another new domain.


You might be better off transferring the domain to a host who aren't a bunch of blithering idiots--which, if they're issuing multiple certs/day for your domain, they are.


Wow! You have multiple wildcard certs for *.aplikant.org which also has aplikant.org as a matching identity, but you also have multiple certs for aplikant.org that cover 8 subdomains and multiple certs for each of those subdomains while also covering the rest of your subdomains.
That's a lot of overkill in the worst way!

If you cannot install the latest wildcard cert you were issued and restart your server, please ask your hosting provider to do it for you. Those others certs are unnecessary and should be deleted (using certbot) AFTER you get your latest valid cert installed, the server restarted, and verify your site is back up and secure.


Thank you! i have told them exactly what you said but thy are not answering me or responding to my emails
I even showed them most comments here but there are not responding


yet another reason to look for a better hosting provider :slight_smile:

For anyone counting, 1 cert issued so far today and 3 yesterday. Soon to be rate limited with latest set of names


I am still having the issue, many people can't access the website
Is it ok for you to help me fix it if that is possibly.. i am on the whogohost cpanel but can't find any place to fix the issue..

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I just connected using https to aplikant.org and www.aplikant.org multiple times just fine. Your host is still creating too many certs but that is not blocking access to your site. Your certificate chain looks good - see here.

What domain name are people having problems with - your certificate has several domain names. And, what is the error - the same network connection as earlier?


Yes, the owner of the website of which i built the site for was chatting me that several people were still unable to access the website , that was like 5 hrs ago but i myself was able to access it without issue..
The only problem we don't know at what point it will be inaccessible, or not or if everything is fine now..

Well, l shall update you if it still persist but for now, it is working fine as you said

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An intermittent network error connecting to the site is something to discuss with your hosting provider. It is not related to your Let's Encrypt certificates. Now, if the problem relates to certificate validation then please post the error message and what version of system and browser the person is using.

I think you have shown the hosting provider is lacking in many ways. There is nothing we can do about that.


Could it be that those who cannot access the site are using old devices which aren't accepting the new certificate chain? Ask those users what devices they're using (especially mobile), including version, etcetera. If the problem lies with only a few users, it sounds more like a trust store issue (with those users' devices).


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