What is CA Bundle file



My domain is healthpulses.com. I am using Hostgator as a hosting service provider. I have already uploaded the certificate generated from Letsencrypt, but the security option is not updated. Hostgator people say CA Bundle files are missing. So can anyone guide me how the CA Bundle files are generated because during following the process to generate the certificate through ZeroSSL, I have not seen any file called CA Bundle, there was only the private key and CRT.

Please guide.




Hi @Bishwjit,

The certificate you have downloaded or copied from zerossl contains two certificates, each certificate starts with -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and finish with -----END CERTIFICATE-----. The first one is the certificate for your domain and the second one is the Let’s Encrypt Intermediate certificate.

I don’t know whether you must separate both certificates to include them in different fields in your Hostgator control panel but the file you should have is the CA Bundle (Your Cert + Intermediate Certs to complete the trust chain).



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