What happens once certbot-auto has been installed

Forgive my ignorance, but what must I do next?

A day ago i successfully installed on Ubuntu/Apache2

[sudo ./certbot-auto --debug -v certonly -d www.footballtacticssimulator.com]

But perhaps I misunderstand what happens but I imagined I would get a https for my website in a browser. Do i need to do something else, or do I need to wait, or have I got the complete wrong end of the stick?]

I am using an Amazon EC2 instance

I did a restart earlier today ($ reboot in ubuntu)

As the name implies, the certbot certonly command only gets you a certificate, it does not configure SSL automatically for you.

Use certbot-auto run --apache if you do not want to configure SSL manually.

Perfect. Once again thanks for all you guys’ help!

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