What happened to the ZeroSSL 3 90 day certs?

From what I've seen here, ZeroSSL has teamed up with LetsEncrypt right? If so, then this is the right place to post a problem.

It seems ZeroSSL has rescinded their limit of 3x90 day certs for the free plan, but now only have 1 cert for the free plan, even though the website does say 3, I only have 1 cert issued and no pending, but when I try to create another (2nd) cert an error shows that I have reached the limit of 3 certs for the plan selected, which tells me they have removed the 3x90 day cert offer but not changed their website to reflect the changes.


That's quite a surprise to me. Where did you see that?


Don't worry about it, I just did a history search and it was someone else that I read in another cert forum, and they too were under the impression that ZeroSSL had partnered with LetsEncrypt.

So, if there's a mod here or an admin, my post can be deleted.


Their pricing page still claims 3x 90-day certs on the free plan. But what's silly is that limitation only applies when using their proprietary protocol or web interface. They also support plain old ACME like Let's Encrypt. And their ACME page claims unlimited certs free of charge.

Or just drop them like a bad habit because pricing tricks like that are shady AF and who knows if/when they'll decide to pull the rug out from under you.


That's incorrect. Please take any issue you have with ZeroSSL up with ZeroSSL.


As mentioned by many, there is no partnership with Let's Encrypt and ZeroSSL. However, some ACME clients that work with the Let's Encrypt API are updated to work with ZeroSSL and other ACME implementations.

If you need help with ZeroSSL, please use their support channels. If you need help getting a certificate with Let's Encrypt you should read the getting started page and the docs as needed. Then come back here with any questions or errors for our helpful community.


AS I said earlier,


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