.well-known/acme-challenge 404 errors

My domains are https://onlineaudioconverter.net and https://freeaudioconverter.net

I managed to get SSL sorted last night via Nginx and Certbot. However, I keep seeing these 404 errors in the Terminal of the Ubuntu server that I’m using. I don’t even have a .well-known/acme-challenge directory. I made that directory when I was using a Windows Server (I was trying to get SSL via zerossl.com), but I’m using an Ubuntu server now and I managed to get SSL via Certbot.

Why am I getting these errors?

Hi @hshafiq

if you have a webserver, you have such requests.

That's normal. And you may see much more of these things. Tons of wordpress checks, Joomla, every CMS. Or pages with .php etc.

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