Website on custom port

I am trying to find out, if I can use let’s encrypt in my setup:

We are running a production-server and several test-servers behind a single IP.
For this, port 80 is routed to a webserver that responds with the appropriate redirect:
For production:
For testing:

We then use the port to route the request to the appropriate webserver.

Since I thought that the CA follows redirects, I expected it to work. But during authorization, certification for the custom ports is rejected.

Is this an error on my side or is this the expected result for this case?

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This is the expected result. LE will follow redirects, but only to (1) a different host, or (2) HTTPS. They won’t follow redirects to other random ports.


And, for as far as I know, (3) different paths (i.e., from /.well-known/acme-challenge/ to /foo/bar/). Not sure about the filename though.

The answer might even be “everything but the port” :grin:


Everything but the port and also (4) not raw IP addresses. :stuck_out_tongue:


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