Waiting for DNS-01 challenge propagation hangs pending state

I'm trying to create a wildcard certificate via cert-manager on kubernetes and this is what I get when I run kubectl describe challenges

  Presented:   true
  Processing:  true
  Reason:      Waiting for DNS-01 challenge propagation: DNS record for "zencluster.org" not yet propagated
  State:       pending

If it's stuck for a long time, you could try following the advice here.

Have you verified that the NOTIFY chain is working properly from your master DNS server to the various downstream servers for your site?

e.g. for each of your DNS servers, try something like,

~$ dig @ns-2.example.com example.com soa | \
   grep '^[a-z].*IN.*SOA' | awk '{print $7}'

That should get you the serial number being output by "ns-2" (though you might need to play with the $7 value). Compare that against your master server and ensure they're all in sync.

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