WACS Won't Update Bindings!

I'm running WACS (version 2.1.12).

I'm adding a new IIS Website (two bindings) to my SAN. Everything works as normal. After the validation, I get the following error:

Existing https binding domainName.TLD:443 not updated because it doesn't seem to match the new certificate!

It just kept repeating all of the bindings in our SAN so many times the screen filled up, and has been unable to update the https binding.

All the IIS websites are using the NEW SAN, but no updated bindings were made on the new IIS site.

Has anyone had this error before?

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version): Windows Server 2008

are the bindings FQDNs and do the FQDNs match cert SANs?

You should definitely jump over to the wacs github issues and ask there: https://github.com/win-acme/win-acme/issues

Note also that you need to decommission your use of Windows Server 2008 as soon as possible, it's not supported by Microsoft which in turn makes it potentially vulnerable. If you can't do that you should not connect it directly to the internet and should at least proxy traffic to (using Cloudflare, or an nginx/IIS frontend etc).

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