Version Conflict

Hi i am getting a version conflict on Certbot
any idea’s would be helpful

find / -name certbot
find / -name certbot-auto
which certbot
which certbot-auto
certbot --version
certbot-auto --version

also the WGET failed…
try forcing IPv4:
wget -4

You misspelled certbot-auto in your command as cerbot-auto.

Still getting the same error

Maybe first run rm certbot-auto before doing the wget download?

I tried that like an hr ago =) I am a pretty good command line guy , i am totally stumped

@bmw, in this case should a user just remove the venv in /opt/ before running certbot-auto again?

I’m a little confused how things got into that state. Have you installed packages in Certbot’s virtual environment yourself? Removing /opt/ is certainly a good start to resolving it though.

So the history is the site went thru an upgrade a few weeks back and it looks like when it did. Something got screwed up.

I tried removing /opt/ directory doesn’t exist… Maybe we are looking at this the wrong way and it is looking for that resource ?


Interesting. I suggest trying the following:

  1. Run grep -m1 LE_AUTO_VERSION /path/to/certbot-auto. If you don’t see LE_AUTO_VERSION=0.22.0, or a newer version number, download a new version of the script from
  2. Does echo $VENV_PATH produce any output? If so, unless you know what that environment variable does and what you’re trying to do with certbot-auto, unset the variable.
  3. Run rm -rf ${XDG_DATA_HOME:-~/.local/share}/letsencrypt /opt/ If you think you may have run certbot-auto as a non-root user in the past, run rm -rf ${XDG_DATA_HOME:-~/.local/share}/letsencrypt as that user as well.
  4. Try running certbot-auto again.

Following those steps should have gotten you in a clean state, but if you’re still getting a similar error message, please post the contents of the file referenced in Certbot’s output where it says “Please see the logfile ‘/tmp/…’ for more details.”

[quote=“bmw, post:10, topic:57033”]
rm -rf ${XDG_DATA_HOME:-~/.local/share}/letsencrypt /opt/

Geting problem binding to443 ipv4 or ipv6

Despite there still being a problem, great! It sounds like the version conflict you were having was resolved.

The standalone plugin works by spinning up a temporary server to listen on port 80/443. If you’re already running a server, the webroot plugin might work better for you.

i figured it out … THANK YOU !

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