Verbose mode command output

How do I view the whole part of the output from command with the verbose mode on?
Outputs are long. Tried command > a file, but the file is just empty. What would be the proper way to view them?
Thank you for your help.


You can see the logs at /var/log/letsencrypt

Thank you

Thank you for your reply, but the server doesn’t have such log or any log for the Letsencrypt client; I can’t really find any. (the os is openbsd)
So, could I use things like redirection or so?

What command are you running, @cblu2se5t?

The client I use is the os built-in one and the command was for the renew; any way I figured out this one, and I’ll write other, real questions.
Thank you schoen and stevenzhu.

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