Limiting the number of log entries


Is it possible to limit the number of LE log files created.
I noticed that there must be some parameter as there is/was a comment about 30days.


Can you provide a little more information ?

When I use it, it only creates one log file. (and I wouldn’t have said too many entries).


In /var/log/letsencrypt I get a log file every 12 hours, plus an entry every time I run certbot.

None of these entries contain much useful info, most of the info is for debugging. (I have asked how to turn of the debug out in another posting).


I assume the entry every 12 hours is because you have a cron that runs every 12 hours.

What command do you have in your cron ? (just “certbot renew” ? or something else)


the cron job ends up executing “certbot -q renew”


can you paste a section of your log, for say a 24 hour period, with the entries that certbot has put in ? ( or use ) so that I can see if this is normal, or if there is some config option / bug providing excessive output.


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