Validation Not Complete - Certbot Has Not Create fullchain.pem Files

i’ve used this command with certbot :

certbot --agree-tos  --email certonly --webroot -w /code/ree/Cert/  -d -d 

so i have 3 folders : accounts csr keys

with various file and 2 pem file in scr …

0000_csr-certbot.pem 0001_csr-certbot.pem

How to make a fullchain.pem from csr ?

thanks and regards

Hi @bussiere,

You can’t create the fullchain using csr (that is the certificate request not the issued cert) . What you are looking for is in /etc/letsencrypt/live/


That directory is probably not there yet, perhaps due to issues during the issuing process.

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@Osiris, I think you are right, i’ve checked the issued certs for and there is none:

2017/May/21 19:59:34 - Checking certs for

Info: I've not found any certificate for the domain

@bussiere, I suppossed that you received the Congratulations message when you executed the certbot command but seems you didn’t. What was the error you received executing the certbot command?


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