Fullchain.pem file missing root ca cert

I am using certbot to create my certs. I am able to create certs without any issues, This gives me cert.pem, chain.pem, fullchain.pem files.
But fullchain.pem does not contain the Digicert ROOT CA cert. My server expects the certificate should be as follows..in a single pem file..
mycert.pem content as follows
intermediate ca cert
root ca cert

is there a way to get all these certs in fullchain.pem file using the certbot commands?

Let's Encrypt does not chain up to a Digicert root certificate.

That said, it's utterly useless and pointless to include the root certificate into the chain. As such, Certbot cannot do that by itself, but you could script something and use it as a --deploy-hook.


Thanks for the reply. Final option is to use deploy hook.

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Which server ?
[expecting the inclusion of a root CA is very unusual]


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