Ran certbot successfully, but can't find certs

I ran the following certbot command at CL (CentOS 6.9):

./certbot-auto --apache

This seemed to step through and execute successfully for the various websites on our server. But afterwards no changes to our Apache configuration appear to’ve been made.

No problem, I’ll just find the new certs on our server and configure SSL virtual hosts manually, right? But I’m able to find no new certs anywhere on the server (‘locate *.crt’ turns up no new files).

Can someone offer guidance? What am I doing wrong here?


That would be because the extension is .pem. Specifically, the files are cert.pem and privkey.pem (with additional chain.pem and fullchain.pem). You should find them in /etc/letsencrypt/live, IIRC.

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I think it saves them as .pem. Have you taken a look around your /etc/letsencrypt directory. Also, post logs so we can help determine where the apache plugin failed.

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What did Certbot display?

./certbot-auto certificates” will list the certificates it’s currently managing.

Thanks for the response! Found the .pem files. Think I can manage config from here.

Thanks for the response! I was able to locate the .pem files – I’ll manage config manually from here.

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Thanks for the response! You’re right, the files are saved as .pem files. Will post logs for future issues.

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